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My name is Matt Robbins, and I am Computer Scientist graduate from Aberystwyth University. I am currently a Corporate Operations Engineer in Google London, part of the internal tech support team, where we provide exceptional IT support to Googlers. In the past, I spent 2 years in Google Dublin as an IT Resident, which followed on from my year long internship as a Field Technician at Google London, which formed part of my degree. In mid 2014, I graduated from Aberystwyth Univeristy with a First-Class Honours Computer Science degree, where I had particularly enjoyed learning about networking, computer hardware and web development. You can read more about my adventures on my blog.

About Me

I am originally from Bridgnorth, Shropshire - where I went to the Bridgnorth Endowed School for my secondary school and sixth form education. In sixth form I studied Physics, ICT, Design Technology, Maths and General Studies. Whilst in Bridgnorth I enjoyed many hobbies such as racing petrol powered RC cars, building and repairing computers, Karting, and organising LAN parties with my friends.

Recent Projects

My latest project has been constructing a small car that is controlled by a Raspberry Pi. You can read more about that here.

Raspberry Pi Car

Whilst at university, I was an active member of the St John Ambulance LINKS First Aid division, where I successfully made the society more visible by creating them a website (since taken over).

Ambulance Lightbar

Another recent project has been creating an interactive game using some of the latest web technologies including HTML5 and CSS3. Using a combination of these new languages as well as PHP, SQL and a lot of JavaScript, I was able to design and produce a small game that I named "Ministar Galactica", as it is based on the fictional war in Battlestar Galactica. Click here to go and have a look at the game, create an account and register a high score!


When at university, I was very interested in the hardware and networking side of computing, and had a part time job repairing computers for over a year whilst doing my A levels. I really enjoyed working there, as I learnt so much about computer maintenance and practical computing, and I enjoyed building upon this knowledge at university. The course I was on was diverse, aiming to give us experience in many different areas within the Computer Science field.

Due to my previous interests, I thoroughly enjoyed modules like networking and computer hardware, but I have also found a real interest in web development, and enjoy learning web languages such as XHTML and CSS, Perl, JavaScript and PHP to create interactive, dynamic and efficiently coded websites. One of the websites I have created for this module was a games website that used a MySQL database to store all of the games and their details.

I have also enjoyed putting these new skills to use by creating this personal website for myself and the Aber LINKS site. Other subjects I study include Java, databases, mobile, embedded and wearable technology, and human-computer interaction. To see the modules I am taking and their marks, click here.

Aberystwyth Town's Ambulance
Computer build

A couple of years ago, I built myself a new computer based around the Intel i7-2600k. I decided to make a blog to record how, why and what I built it as it may be useful to other people looking at building a computer, for them to see the options I considered and the choices I made. I have tried to provide a wealth of detail, and pictures where possible - as this would be what I would be looking for if I was considering investing a lot of money into components of a system, of which there are so many manufacturers, makes and models. I believe it is useful to find out what someone else has done beforehand, which can help eliminate the worry of compatibility and things physically not fitting next to each other in a case. You can find my blog here.

New Computer

This website was originally made for a Web assignment, and is written in XHTML 1.1. It should validate with the W3C validator, as should the CSS. I wrote this site using Notepad++, a free text editor that supports syntax highlighting in many programming languages. See more info on how I built this site and the updates made to it, visit the About page.

Other Activities

Outside of university work, I was a keen member of the Aberystwyth LINKS St. John First Aid society, with whom I have taken and courses including: FAW (First Aid at Work), Manual Handling, Radio Communications, AED and Medical Gases. I also run and maintain their website. I also enjoy Karting and gaming with friends and societies at university.

Doctors and Nurses Social
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